Guide to the ROAD Process Version 0.2

The Guide to the ROAD Process supports the use of the ROAD process to make practical decisions on managing risks. Version 0.2 of the Guide was released in January 2017 and can be accessed here:

The steps described within the Guide provide a framework that should be adapted to the context and resources of the users. ROAD is a flexible process that integrates existing tools for addressing resource challenges. Users may consider working with trained facilitators and researchers to adapt the process to the decision-making context. ROAD’s causal approach to risk assessment provides an innovative method to: identify a portfolio of management options, prioritise cost-effective investments, and learn from decision implementation. ROAD’s framing of risk as an event integrates a systems focus with commonly accepted risk concepts and terms.

Version 0.2 of the Guide is a prototype currently being used by the FE2W Network to test, contest and develop the ROAD process with decision-makers. Version 1.0 and subsequent versions of the Guide will integrate lessons from FE2W Network projects and future developments in risk assessment.