Bellagio Workshop

In January 2016, the FE2W Network held a workshop in Bellagio, Italy with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation: ““Feeding an extra 2.4 billion by 2050: Decision frameworks for resilient food-energy-environment-water systems”. Participants from academia, government agencies, and non-government organisations considered how to support decision-makers across multiple levels. Focusing on Vietnam and South Asia, the participants tested and contested the FE2W Network’s Risks and Opportunities Assessment for Decision-Making (ROAD) process. A key output from the three day event was a draft guide to the ROAD process. The workshop also provided an opportunity for participants to plan field-based pilots of ROAD in a range of locations and consider the major barriers globally to increasing the resilience of food-energy-environment-water systems to a range of risks.

The participants in the workshop were (in alphabetical order): Edoardo Borgomeo (Oxford University), Richard Damania (World Bank), Dang Kim Khoi, (Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam), Lucia De Stefano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Do Nam Thang (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), Safa Fanaian (SaciWATERS, India), Dustin Garrick (McMaster University, Canada), Quentin Grafton (The Australian National University), Karen Hussey (University of Queensland, Australia), Gary Lawrence (Independent Consultant), Davy Manavalan (Action for Food Production, India), Nathanial Matthews (CGIAR Program on Water, Land and Food), Mike Muller (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa), Nguyen Phong (Vietnam Academy of Water Resources), Phung Tung (Mekong Development Research Institute), Nazmun Ratna (Lincoln University, New Zealand), Claudia Ringler (international Food Policy Research Institute), Lindsay Stringer (University of Leeds), John Williams and Paul Wyrwoll (The Australian National University)